We are an In-service Training Technical Organism (ITO) certified under the Chilean Standard NCH2728:2015 providing training in the areas of  languages,  IT  and  human resources.

Since 1988, we are the bridge by which you and your company have met the requirements for the working global village.




To design and implement in-service-training courses in the areas of education, languages, information technology and human resources to satisfy the growing needs of our customers with the view to enhancing their performance in a globalised world.


To take the lead in pedagogy promotingthe use of information technology as well as the professional development of all staff running in service training throughteam work and effective communication. The international certification of the competencies of our students is a common goal shared by all staff and are fully aligned with the regional policy of development of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic.



The British Institute Punta Arenas offers in service training supported by the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of a quality management system.

Our commitment is:

To satisfy the in-service-training of our customers through suitable courses according to their interests.

To enhance the competencies of our customers for their personal growth and optimal professional performance.

To provide information of courses in a clear, well-timed and reliable manner.

To incorporate new technologies and updated methodologies in the classroom for the promotion of educational innovation.

To organise the activities in a planned, efficient, orderly fashion as well as to comply with the requirements of norms NCh 2728.Of2003 and ISO 9001:2008 in accordance with the needs of our customers.

To carry out our work with qualified personnel who pursue continuous in-service-training giving high quality service to the professionals, technicians and workers of the region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic.