About us


We are Quality

The British Corporation of Punta Arenas created, together with The British School, the Technical Training Agency (OTEC) in 1989.


The mission of our institution is to design and implement training courses in the areas of languages ​​and communication, computing and information technology, and administration, which satisfy the growing needs of our users to achieve better performance in a globalized world.


The vision of our institution is to be at the forefront in the pedagogical field by promoting the use of technology, as well as the professional development of all its members, deepening and expanding the areas of training, through teamwork and effective communication. . The international certification of the students' competencies is a desire shared by all its members and they are integrated into the development guidelines of the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic region.




The British Institute of Punta Arenas offers a training service supported by the development, implementation and continuous improvement of a quality management system based on the NCh 2728 standard. Of2015.

Our teachers

The teaching staff is highly qualified with professional degrees and postgraduate courses carried out abroad and also in Chile. All teachers are internationally certified and possess the skills to teach children, youth and adults.